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Situated in West Bengal, Durgapur is a perfect blend of business and leisure and promises to be as exciting as other more popular destinations in the state. Though Durgapur is primarily an industrial city, there are many places here which would be quite attractive for tourists. For the lover of nature, Durgapur brings some exciting destinations to visit where one can enjoy both the flora and fauna as well as water bodies! Some such exciting spots include Garh Jungle, Deul Park, Kumaramangalam Park, Troika Park where one can relax while soaking in the natural bliss. Durgapur Steel Plant is yet another popular place to visit, as it represents what the city is best known for. The Durgapur Barrage is yet another lovely place to spend a day at, as is the popular Bhabani Pathak's Tilla. For kids, Anand Amusement Park will be a favourite destination while you can enjoy a slice of the city's culture at Benachity & Ram Mandir. Overall, a visit to Durgapur would leave you with ample fun memories!

Hotel Morvee warmly welcomes you with a whole new approach to hospitality. We are a boutique hotel with 31 completely automated luxurious rooms. Our main focus is to take care of our guests, providing them with a relaxing and comfortable stay. We have a multi cuisine restaurant that serves a Breakfast Buffet . A La Carte menu for lunch and dinner.

Our special Rooftop Café Morvee Air serves Sheesha along with short eats with a beautiful view of the City of Joy. The restaurants are also available for bookings, small events or family gatherings. Parking & Valet available at Morvee, our facilities are friendly for specially abled guests as well.

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